Calibers:      5.56mm, 7.62mm, .308", 9mm
4150V Mil-B-11595e certified

                    416R Stainless Steel,

Lengths:      Standard lengths 17.125" and 22"

                    Custom lengths available upon request


Diameter:    1.050"


SAND Hammer Forging, Inc. Cold Hammer Forged rifle blanks are made from start to finish in our facility located in Los Angeles, CA allowing the kind of quality assurance necessary to maintain consistent and consistently excellent products. 

The quality of SAND CHF blanks begins at the most basic level with specially ordered and mill prepared premium forging steel bars.   From there strenuous attention to detail in the preparation of the bore for each blank ensures the finished forged surface of the rifling is consistent and pristine.   Impeccable barrel straightness is maintained throughout the Cold Hammer Forging process by maintaining strict tolerances in bore dimensions and overall concentricity prior to the forging process.  

The net result of this attention to detail and quality controlled manufacturing ensures each and every rifle blank will lead to a barrel that is as accurate as possible. 

SAND Hammer Forging, Inc.