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4150 Chrome
Moly Vanadium
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4150 Chrome
Moly Vanadium


SAND Hammer Forging, Inc. manufactures all of its Cold Hammer Forged blanks and barrels in the USA with pride and precise attention to premium quality.   Because of this, SAND Hammer Forging can work closely with customers both large and small to ensure a start to finish quality product from design to completion.  All equipment required to complete most projects is in house which allows SAND Hammer Forging complete control and quality assurance.   

​In addition, SAND Hammer Forging, Inc. works diligently to source premium materials for its Cold Hammer Forged products to provide the kind of preeminent final quality product required by the most discerning gun manufacturers and shooters.  The 4150 chrome moly vanadium material used for our Premium Military Grade Barrels is specially run by a contracted mill to conform to all requirements of specification Mil-B-11595E.  Also, our Stainless Steel barrel blanks and barrels utilize a specialty 416R stainless steel specifically designed for forging and the precision rifle barrel industry.  

Contact us today to learn more about how our barrel and blank making capabilities can serve your company.  

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​​​416 Stainless Steel Blanks

Sand Hammer Forging, inc.Cold Hammer Forged Rifle Barrels and blanks for the precision gun industry

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